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How do you create a culture of prevention?

The MindSet Training Curriculum is for education and mental health professionals who provide services for potentially aggressive individuals.

Our training program facilitates insight, raises awareness, enhances skills, and ultimately certifies professionals in a system of preventing and managing aggressive behavior.

Equal emphasis is placed on developing customized strategies for preventing aggressive behavior, as well as becoming proficient in proven physical containment techniques.

Long-term effectiveness and successful implementation are important. Our training program covers the establishment of proper documentation, oversight, and ongoing guidelines essential to protecting the rights and well-being of everyone involved.



Training Program The MindSet Training Program focuses on both the prevention of aggressive situations as well as certification in proven physical containment techniques.
Contact Us Contact Us if you have any questions about the curriculum, our qualifications, your certification, or the training schedule.
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Training schedule, pricing & registration info.
Development of the curriculum The background, history and experience behind the development of our training program.
FAQs Read the FAQ's about crisis prevention and physical containment training, or send us your own question to be added to our site.
Your Feedback We welcome your feedback on your experience with our training sessions and real world results.
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Check here for training videos, ongoing curriculum support and other important reminders from MindSet. We encourage communication, collaboration and feedback among the graduates of the Mindset training programs.